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"Street shows off her versatility in each of the many roles she takes on in 'Parallel Lives' and her comic timing helps her hone in on each character’s frailties and attributes like so many lasers aimed at your eyes. And there’s a natural reticence about her that makes her work...more compelling." - Broadway World


"Street has the vocal chops to play Violet — her clear voice shines in 'On
My Way' and in the gentle 'Lay Down Your Head.' And though we never see a literal scar, Street draws us in with a universal sense of longing and isolation."
- Tennessean


"Street has a beautiful voice,...but perhaps most astonishing in this rather sardonic piece her best moments come in a sweetly conveyed and very moving sequence in which a fortysomething divorcee takes her first tentative steps into the dating world six months after her husband left her. It's a very affecting moment made all the more impressive by Street's performance." - Broadway World


Training: Skidmore College

BS-Theatre, Minor-English


Current Location: Wilmington, NC

Willing to travel

Resumé Highlights

A CHRISTMAS CACTUS             Cactus O'Reilly     TheatreNOW

FUN HOME                                 Alison                    Panache Theatre Company                            AGNES OF GOD                         Dr. Livingstone    4th Story Theatre

VIOLET                                         Violet                    Street Theatre Company

JOSEPH...DREAMCOAT              Narrator               Pull-Tight Players

SOUND OF MUSIC                     Maria                    Circle Players

STEEL MAGNOLIAS                    Shelby                  ActOne Productions

LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS      Audrey                 Hackmatack Playhouse

CABARET                                     Sally                      Smulowitz Productions

NUNSENSE                                 Amnesia               Hackmatack Repertory Theatre

FOOL FOR LOVE                        May                       Eek! Productions


Verizon                              Employee (Principle)            SnapShot Interactive

HCA Tristar                       Nurse Leader (Principle)      SnapShot Interactive

Pine Street Flats               Resident (Principle)              Werkshop

Recovery Ranch               Client (Supporting)               Elements Behavior Health

Volunteer Mutual Ins.     Dr. Jordan (Principle)           Film House

Volunteer Mutual Ins.     Office Worker (Principle)     Film House

The Reading Edge           Blind Woman (Supporting) Gallagher Productions


Legal Dramatization       Accident Victim                      Whitehardt Productions

Legal Dramatization       Benefits Recipient                 Whitehardt Productions

Allure Vein Center           Patient                                    Point 3 Media

Day’s Jewelers                  Mom                                       Sean Tracey Associates

King Arthur’s Flour          Wife                                        M23D Productions

St. Mary’s Bank                ATM Customer                     1.0 Productions

Blue Cross/Blue Shield   Wife                                        Real People Casting

Crossroads Café     Best friend (Supporting)     Kei Productions
On the Fringe          Stephanie (Supporting)      Jeff Palmer Productions

Flying with Icarus    Mom                                     Loose Change & Lint Productions                                      

Skills & Hobbies

Vocal direction; playing guitar and piano; harmonizing; writing original music; musical arranging; working with children; basic fencing; computers/typing, basic juggling; licensed driver (stick shift); dance (Basic skills in Jazz, Tap, Line Dancing, Swing, Choreography); languages: basic fluency in French; accents:  British, Cockney, New York; fitness (P90x, Insanity, weight lifting); sports (football, tennis, ultimate frisbee); power tools (carpentry)

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